Zoompass Tags

I was quite honoured when I was selected as “one of the first Canadians” to receive my Zoompass Tag. To incent or reward the use of this new idea, I was also zoomed an additional $15 into my account. It was definitely a nice gesture.

The Zoompass Tag is essentially a sticker that is intended to be put on your phone. I suspect it is embedded with an RFID chip of sorts inside it. Zoompass is geared to be a mobile payment tool and this is a logical step in it’s evolution. It allows the account holder to be able to use the Zoompass site or mobile app on the phone before and now you can physically use your phone to swipe at a pay station. All in all, quite clever. When I used it at the Tim Horton’s yesterday morning, the attendant was quite impresses and quickly jotted down the name of the product.

There are a few issues for me personally. The first is that I have at least 3 phones that I use and I use them interchangably. It’s not a major issue as I am quite unique in that regard. The other issue I have is the sticker itself. For one, it protrudes quite a bit. I’m worried that over time, it will be jarred off the phone. Secondly, I chose to put the tag on my iPhone. The issue is that I use a silicon sleeve and that didn’t seem to adhere well on it on first attempt. So I ended up sticking it on the phone beneath the sleeve. That didn’t seem to work when I was at the Tim Horton’s the first time. I had to remove the sleeve to use it. I’ll try again to see if it was a Kelvin issue.

Overall, I love the idea. It’s neat and convenient. It also frees up my wallet from one additional card in my 5-card wallet. It does consolidate my use of Zoompass.