Twitter use in real life for me

Most of my friends have always been puzzled by my fascination with Twitter. The question most frequently asked is what can I do with Twitter. I think there are very many practical uses with it. Two of the more famous stories are that the news of the earthquake in china and the Mumbai attacks were first heard on Twitter across the world. Another use of it is that it is a way of getting a pulse on a distinct segment of the population. I remember when Rogers first launched the iPhone plans and people on Twitter were screaming bloody murder. I've often wondered if Rogers could have managed it better if it leaked the info on Twitter to gauge a reaction of it.

Given that Zoocasa is a web start-up, we are quite fortunate to have someone as web savvy as Jason Lewin to focus on Marketing for us. Very early on, Jason set up a Twitter account for the company and has quickly become active on it. I tend to observe from the outside by having a RSS feed for the keyword of Zoocasa. I've always found it to be interesting to watch the conversations on Twitter. I came across a frustrated tweet that Friday morning and eventually had a chance to chat with @TelfMaynard at the end of the day. The conversation was comfortable as Telf understood what Zoocasa was – a search engine for real estate – and that certain things were not in our control. He also had constructive feedback for the product and ways he thought that we could fix his concerns. Fortunately, we had some of the items already in our current roadmap and in the midst of being developed in the current development cycle. For the parts that I couldn't fix in the near term., he understood that technology doesn't get developed overnight. All in all, he was a patient user who understood that Zoocasa is a start up that was still working out the kinks but was frustrated because the feedback loop was broken.

For me, what made Twitter relevant was that it helped by giving Telf a venue to alert others of a potential concern. It helped me as a member of the Zoocasa team be aware of the potential concerns and address it where and when we can. All in all, it was a win-win situation in my mind. Over time, I am hoping that Twitter will give us another avenue to interact with the users and be another means to build more relevant features for our user community.

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