Todoist – an easy way to productivity

Todoist has become my favourite To Do list after trying a few in my quest for better productivity in the past year. I love the product because it’s simple, intuitive to use and also fits on how I use it everyday. One of the biggest selling factors for me is how interoperable Todoist for me. I’ve always looked for services that are ubiquitous – I demand that my solutions don’t tie me down to any hardware or platform. This means that interoperability for me is key. I love that I can use Todoist on my phone, on my tablet and on my desktop extremely seamlessly.

How I use it

When my day starts in the morning, I typically sit at my desk with 3 things open on my computer – Gmail, Todoist and my Calendar. What I typically do is that I go through my Gmail and either convert them to tasks by using the Todoist Gmail extension or make them into a calendar item in Google Calendar. The nice thing about the Gmail Extension is that when you refer back to the task, clicking on the hyperlink embedded in your task brings you back directly to that email again. As I typically create most of my tasks and assign them to the Inbox by default, I usually take this time in the morning to assign them to the proper projects when I am at my desk as the full desktop experience of Todoist is the best way to do this kind of detailed management of my tasks.

During the day, I use Todoist in two ways. As I typically have my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 open on my desk, I will typically use the Google Voice Command to create quick notes. Sometimes while doing research or reading other articles, I will use the Chrome extension to create a task as it creates a hyperlink back to the site where I need to refer back to material. If I happen to be driving, it’s a joy to be able to use Google Voice Command to create tasks as driving is one of the few times I really get time to think without the distraction of work.

I am always with my Note 8 if I’m away from my desk but in the house. Whenever I can, Google Voice Command is the preferred method to create my notes for me however while I’m in bed, I typically switch to creating notes with the keyboard. In the evening, I am typically around the house with my Note 8 and I’ll either create a note with the keyboard or with the Google Voice Command feature.

Here are the features that make Todoist the most compelling To Do list for me.

The Web app

I find the Web app significantly more useful then the Desktop app although I have it installed. The primary purpose of the web app for me is to be able to manage my tasks so that I am able to compartmentalize task as well as allow me to focus during the day. One of the key features not found on the Desktop App is the ability to drag and drop from the Inbox to the appropriate project folder. I like that Todoist allows you to sort a task manually, I still tend to order my tasks by date.


Sharing is a new feature that was released recently. This was the missing feature that made the product complete for me. The lack of sharing made me continue to try other products although I kept finding myself going back to Todoist all the time. In my life, there are very many tasks that are shared among family members. These are typically tasks that can be done by anyone that it’s shared with. A few examples are shopping for items, making appointments or following up on information for the family.


Karma is more about having a quantitative feedback rather than gamification for me. It’s pretty easy to see on days that I’ve been able to cross items off my list and days where I’ve been too busy to tackle the backlog of things I have to do. Although I’ve been tempted to create tasks just to cross them off my list for points, I find that doing so really doesn’t help me be productive.

Google Voice Command

Admittedly when Google Voice Command first came out, I thought it was a bit gimmicky. I don’t drive that much and the thought of talking to a device all day to do things that I can easily just type myself seems absurd. The integration between Todoist and Google Voice Command turned out to be extremely useful and I use it throughout the day. It is extremely appropriate  that the trigger to use Todoist on Google Voice Command is “Note to self” as that’s exactly what I use it for – a reminder that there is something important I have to do.

Android Widget

The Todoist widget is always on the primary screen of all my Android devices. It gives me a really quick view of the tasks that are due that day (or are overdue) and acts as a quick reminder for me to get to things whenever I can. It’s also convenient that I can quickly create tasks straight from the  widget itself without having to launch the app first.

I’ve been using Todoist for a few months now and it has served me really well!