The Corporate Me

The one thing I have enjoyed about my journey in my professional career is the opportunity to observe and learn new things from both my clients and colleagues. Yesterday I had a really interesting conversation with Miles about the outsourcing our personal life. He raised the question of at what point does it make sense to oursource particular functions of our lives. The reality is that we outsource many functions of our lives without realizing it. Ever call a plumber, electrician or handyman? Those are the most common forms of outsourcing functions within our day-to-day lives. Outside of outsourcing, there are many aspects of our lives that run like a mini corporation whether you run a small business or not. We have financial management since for the most of us we have both income and expenses. We have technology infrastructure to support. Things used to be relatively simple when a TV was just a TV. Today we have multiple devices connecting to our TV alone. Most homes have more than one computer that is hooked up to a wireless network that connects to the internet. It’s always hard to keep track of all the things that are going on with friends and family given how hectic my life is. In not so many ways, these are similar challenges that corporations have with stakeholders and partners. These are just some of the more common similarities between my personal life and the corporate life.

While I write about a broad range of topics, the overarching story is about my journey to solve different challenges that I face managing the different aspects of my life. I think in a lot of ways it is similar to that of a small corporation and is unwittingly the theme of The K Unit.