The Battle for Tablets is not over

Somehow people have associated the death of WebOS as the final victory of Apple in the Tablet War. I believe that the war has hardly begun. It wasn’t so long ago when Android phones were greatly lagging Apple’s iPhone and today it accounts between 40% to 60% of the smartphone market share depending on whose data you use. I’m by no means suggesting that Android will repeat the same success; just merely that history shows us that it is too early to tell.

I suspect what we’ll see is that Apple will continue to be a big part of the entire market but other manufacturers will erode a pretty big chunk of that share; Apple sits at 80% of higher of the share of tablets today. This will be driven largely because people want choice and have different needs. Apple has one way of solving people’s needs; other manufacturers will find solutions for other needs. I am hoping that the patent issues will be resolved without the sacrifice to innovation. Otherwise countries like the US will be the poorer for it.