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Torrent useful in legal ways

I'm pretty obsessed with Ubuntu so I was really excited about upgrading from 8.04 to 8.10. While the upgrade isn't that major per se, I had to upgrade Ubuntu to 8.10 because my video card is not supported by the current version of Intel drivers. I was playing with the Release Candidate last week and was pretty happy with it. Whenever Ubuntu releases a new update, the first few days are often brutal to get any updates or even downloading the ISO images. Bandwith across all the servers tend to be pretty slow. I started the download for the server install files last night and it estimated that it would take well over 17 hours and I was eager to try to install it at work in the morning. My workaround for it was to download it from Torrents instead. Got my entire file in less than hour. I wish that the desktop upgrade tool could work in a similar fashion. I have heard of companies using torrents to share large images across multiple countries as well. I'd love to hear or read of any other ideas of other legal uses of torrents.

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