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Getting news aggregation to work for me – Attempt 1

The challenge of news aggregation has been quite an interesting one for a while. The overall business problem I've been trying to address for a while now is to find a system that will aggregate my news information, read the information and allow me to share interesting articles with others through email or RSS feeds and allow me to tag the information so that I might easily locate this for future use. To top it off, it has to give me this ability on my desktop and through my Windows Mobile device. On the web, the best newsreader for me is Google Reader by far. However, since I read most of my news on my Windows Mobile device, there has been no other program that synchronizes well with an online reader like Newsgator so I find myself using Newsgator for both the web and Windows Mobile device. While pRSSreader has the ability to synchronize with Google Reader, I find that it somehow never seems to finish synchronizing all of my feeds when I reorganize my RSS feeds into folders. Organizing the feeds into folders is critical because I have over a hundred RSS feeds that I subscribe to and continue to find blogs that are interesting and am eager to follow them.

So here's my kick at the can for trying to solve this problem. My folders are typically organized by topics anyway and truth be told, I don't find myself reading most of the blog entries because not everything someone writes is relevant to what I'm interested in. It's the nature of the beast and it in no ways demeans the writer of any blogs that I follow. Social Median is probably the closest thing to an aggregator right now but the site itself works more like a newspaper site and not an RSS aggregator but it does give you the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds of your news network of choice. There are two dilemmas with the RSS feed in Social Median is that it only produces a summary of the feed which for its business purpose makes sense and the other is that it doesn't allow me to interact with the network which is a big part of using Social Median.

After some thinking, I figured that I could leverage Social Median and Google Reader to give me the best of both worlds – at least on the web front. What I've recently done is to export my Google Reader feeds, delete them from my main Google Reader account and re-subscribed to them in my other Google Reader account. I then proceeded to subscribe to create news networks by the topics that are most important to me. I did this at 2 am in the morning when I couldn't sleep; in hind sight, I should have actually looked for existing news networks that best fit my needs as the most powerful feature is the activity of the people within a particular news network. I think I'm going to have a hard time recruiting people to join my news network as most of my friends really aren't that social online. By integrating it to Google Reader, I get an user interface that I'm familiar with and works very well for me. I automatically get the ability to share through the Google Share functionality which I then publish to Twitter. I also get to email people through an integrated contact manager with GMail. There issue where only part of the entry is published through RSS feed is resolved through a combination of Firefox add-ons called Greasemonkey and Better GReader. This gives you the ability to click on the header and it gives expands to bring the page of the entry directly into the Google Reader page. This also then gives you the ability to clip, set the mood or mark it as irrelevant.

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pRSSReader – Upgrade 1.4.3

The feature that caught my eye on Solsie.com with this upgrade was the ability to synchronize with Google Reader. As soon as I saw it, I jumped all over the rush to download and install it. As I was in a bit of a rush, I couldn’t find the release notes for this feature readily. After installing it, the feature wasn’t hard to find. Go to Menu –> Options and find the Sync button. Enter in your Google credentials and you’re almost good to go. I did a complete reinstall so I had to go to the Site Manager to add feeds. From the Site Manager screen, you have the ability to synchronize your feed with Google Reader. How cool is that. Once your feed has synched, I clicked on Update All on my channels page and at the status level you could see a message that it is “synching.” I assume that it is synching with Google Reader.

Bookmark integration has also been a critical part of how I read my blogs. It’s nice to be able to bookmark entries for future reference. Lately, I’ve also used the ability to bookmark blogs and share them on Twitter via an RSS feed. pRSSreader allows you to bookmark via delicious but I haven’t been able to do it offline. However, I can still email someone a link but that’s still not quite the same.

pRSSreader provides what I like best in Illiumsoft’s Newsbreak and SPB Insight. Now with Google Reader integration, it is definitely the Windows Mobile RSS Reader to beat. However, without the ability to integrate with an online bookmarking service, I am going to continue to use Newsgator for now. I have to ay that I have very high hopes for pRSSreader. Another major bonus to pRSSreader is that it’s free and it’s also open-sourced.

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