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Tungle me this

Tungle Logo

Tungle has been one of the most powerful tools that I’ve come across in a long while. One of the biggest challenge for me as someone who is constantly working with people inside and outside my organization is the ability to schedule meetings. Tungle solves this issue for me. Tungle is essentially a public free/busy on steroids and crack at the same time. It allows you to publish all of your calendars (work, personal, fun, etc) and allows others to book time with you. It is not, however, a calendar server.

Tungle gives you multiple ways to publish your availability to its servers. You can download an iCal client, Outlook client or sync it with a service like Google Apps. I primarily use it with integration to Google Apps. The one thing I like about it with this feature is that it automatically updates to my calendar on my mobile devices as well. If you are using Tungle to schedule a meeting with others who are also on Tungle, a really efficient way of managing schedules is with the iPhone app. It allows you to see the availability of people that have made their information available to you and schedule the meeting.

The best feature, by far, is the ability for others who don’t use Tungle to book meetings as well. In short, vendors who work with me love it. My schedule is usually pretty full on a daily basis. It’s part and parcel of an exciting day at Canpages Technology. The best way for vendors to get my attention is to book my calendar for a follow up or even a conversation and they can do this without giving me a call. I’m surprisingly hard to reach on the phone.

Using it for me was quite intuitive for both users and non-users of the site. For non-users, you use my personalized link to my availability and when you load the screen, the interface is simply time slots in half hour chunks that are available to be booked.The idea here is to propose multiple time slots, add your subject line, location information and any message and Tungle sends me the information. I like the Tungle iPhone app for this part because all I have to do is to turn on the app, go through each meeting and I’m done. Very quick and very efficient all in all.

While I love Tungle, here are some quick things that I think would make this an even more phenomenal product:

  1. The ability to schedule meetings directly from Outlook. Right now, the Tungle plug-ins sends me back to my Tungle site in order for me to book meetings
  2. I would love an Android app for it. I use both my iPhone an equal amount so it’d be nice to have an Android app.
  3. Ability to customize daily availability by user or group. For instance, I’m available to co-worker only until 6 pm but much more available to friends after that