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Bright Kite – Initial Review

I really like Twitter. It's one of my favourite things to do. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends and update them. It's fun to keep in touch with good friends like @camilleking and @michaelnotmike, or with people I haven't met like @digital_jenn. Sometimes it's nice to update friends who rarely respond like @arose12 although I know @arose12 reads my updates. At least that's half the battle.

I signed up with Bright Kite a few months ago with the intention of trying it out but never really got around to it. Bright Kite is a location based microblogging application. I guess the idea of a Bright Kite is the concept of using a "bright kite" to notify others of where you are. It's actually quite interesting and could potentially be useful.

It has the same features as Twitter which really are the ability to post messages, respond to messages, find and follow people. Another really neat thing about it is that you can send all posts automatically to Twitter as well. It's really a pretty smart thing to do given that Twitter is the behemoth in this space and for any other Microblogging service to survice, tbe ability to post to Twitter is a must.

The standout feature for Bright Kite is the ability to also post your location. I like the idea of being able to go to a spot and if my friends are nearby, I can be notified and perhaps meet up. It's also a bit scary because it also permits others to stalk you. Unlike other social networking tools, this is the one social networking tool that I am going to keep with a high security profile to. There are 3 basic levels of privacy in this tool: trusted friends, friends and everyone.

A few major downsides to this tool though. The first major one is that it doesn't seem to fully work through SMS in Canada. I seem to be able to receive notifications but don't seem to have the ability to send messages out. Another downside that I have is that it does not have a windows mobile client yet. I'm hoping that PockeTwit would integrate it with the current application because it actually covers most of the functionality already available in PockeTwit. However, for my use, there is the mobile web version of Bright Kite. Not great but in the mean time it's got to be good enough.

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