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The mobile platform and me

There isn't a day when I don't realize how dependent I am on my mobile devices. To me, the mobile platform amazes me in much more than just the geekery, it's an extension of who I am and very much a way of life for me.

What makes the mobile device unique is that I can have it with me all the time. I use it not only as a source of information but also as a means to capture information. The majority of my blogs are written from my windows Mobile. It's a bit ironic but I'm much more comfortable writing a blog from my Tytn II then I am in front of the computer.

The availability of high speed internet makes the accessibility of information almost immediate. This was not always the case even 3 years ago. A good example of this paradigm is Google Maps for Mobile. My contact information doesn't need to be accurate to the minute and even if I don't have access to email, I can always be reached via SMS. On the other hand, being able to locate my whereabouts or the means to get to a destination requires access to a rich data source immediately. This is much harder to be relevant without access to high speed internet access.

Not only is data available at high speeds, it is also now available at significantly more reasonable rates in comparison to a few years ago. Now I can do more than just the critical tasks like managing personal information and communication. There isn't as much of a cost barrier when utilizing social tools like Twitter and BrightKite. It also allows me to update my news aggregators more frequently allowing me to feed my need for constant information.

Regardless of how you might feel about the iPhone platform, it is hard to deny its impact on the consumer mobile platform. Outside of the multi-touch paradigm and the accelerometer, Windows Mobile has long been able to do everything an iPhone can since at least 2003. Somehow, the small screen mobile phoenomena never seem to have caught on by the masses. It's almost as though the Windows Mobile was too pragmatic for its own good. It took Apple and the wow factor of an iPhone to gain mass consumer acceptance. A very telling tale is software development by platform. Companies like BrightKite and Whrrl have chosen to launch with a native iPhone application and forego a native Windows Mobile app. They've more or less chosen to depend solely on third-party developers to develop these applications instead. A very interesting outcome indeed. I think in the next little while, it'll be difficult for newer internet sites not to have mobile friendly sites for it to be successful. You can give most of the credit to Apple for that.

I am very excited about the next few years in technology mobile space. We are yet to scratch the surface of the potential of this platform. I am even more excited about what this would mean for the social medium because mobile makes the social medium much more relevant because it makes accessibility to your network and information so much more immediate.

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Not a huge fan of the Blackberry Platform at the moment

Today is the first day of work where I will be without my Windows
Mobile and on my work given Blackberry and already I feel very lost and
stressed. My PDA has always been a source of very rich Personal
Information for me. It's how I manage my life daily. It has long
extended beyond just a storage of just contacts and calendar. I use it
for email, blogging, reading and communicating. While the Blackberry
does all these things, it doesn't seem to do it as well. And my Blackberry crashes just as often as my WinMo when I'm doing the same things on it.

Before I owned a Blackberry, my friends always teased me about the
WinMo crashes and how the built-in software has always been poor. What
they often fail to mention is that you have the option to replace most
of the built-in software with third party options. Most of them for
free. I haven't found this to be as true for the Blackberry. For
instance, there are at least 4 different types of browsers you can
download, at least 2 major calendar replacement and more than a handful
of contact replacements. I am yet to find a decent implementation for Twitter and the
implementation for Newsgator actually really sucks when you don't have
network connectivity.

The one thing that the Blackberry has done exceptionally well is the
idea of consolidating all communications into one big folder. It works
well when you want to respond to people. However, still not so easy if
you want to initiate communication. Pocket Outlook, the Windows Mobile
email is usable and does everything an email should but there is
nothing that stands out. I have to say that I do like Windows Mobile's
implementation of SMS a lot better though. Not only can I respond from
an SMS thread, I can also initiate an SMS from the thread.

Another thing that I like about the Blackberry is some elementd of its
hardware. It is pretty. I am using an older model – the 8820. It's
relatively thin and very slick looking device. And the battery last
forever when you compare it to Windows Mobile even when it is
constantly connecting to the internet. That being said, it's not
running on 3G so it's not necessarily a fair comparison. The negative
things are that I hate the keyboard form factor. It's great for one
handed use but already my hands are feeling "stressed" from blogging on
the keyboard. The landscape keyboard works so much better for my hands.

I am sure that the Blackberry works for some. For me, knowing there are
alternatives to the Blackberry, it has been quite frustrating to use.

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