Tag – you’re it

have to admit, I'm really late into the tagging game. Yes, I've seen it
for almost 8 years but was never a fan of it initially as I never
accepted what was my perception of the use of it. Maybe it's the
obsessive compulsive part of me that requires things to be consistent.
I remember using delicious and found myself extremely frustrated with
the fact that I would tag something multiple ways depending on when I
was doing things. I saw that the inconsistency as a detriment to a neat
and organized knowledge base. To me, the answer was always about
categorization. Any piece of information could only belong in one space
and categories would be pre-defined.

Tagging systems have come a
long way. Today tagging systems often auto-populate as you type giving
me the consistency that I desire. Most sites now allow you to
categorize and tag information. I see tagging as a means of describing
something similiar to that of metatags in web pages. I've come to the
point where I will find alternative solutions just to ensure that I
have the ability to ensure that information I've bookmarked must be

For example – I read my RSS feeds on Newsgator because I
haven't found an alternative way of synchronizing to Google Reader in a
consistent fashion. Newsgator allows you to clip a listing on my my
mobile but does not allow me to tag information. Furthermore, it does
not allow me to search by tags easily. My solution is subscribe to my
Newsgator RSS feed in Google Reader. This allows me to queue up news
items to be tagged and then share them accordingly. Now I only have my
tagged information in 2 places: delicious and Google Reader.

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