Slacker and mSpot – Music on the Move

As I’m back on transit, finding applications that work offline is quite critical. The ADD part of me will go nuts without anything to do. Like many people, music is a must-have for me. My applications of choice are mSpot and Slacker Radio.

MSpot is starting to be a must-have app for me especially after I ran into a hard drive corruption issue a few months ago. MSpot gives you the ability to sync your music to the cloud from and between a desktop, laptop or android device. I haven’t figured out how to upload from my phone yet. The service is still really rough still. For one, it doesn’t seem to sync updated tag information back to the cloud and synchronization seems quite manual. I do like that I don’t have to hook up my Android to the desktop to sync my music and that I can always access my playlist from the web. mSpot offers the 2GB service for free and then offers much larger storage options for a fee. 

I use Slacker Radio when I don’t know what I want. I’ve never used satellite radio but imagine what it’d be like. Slacker Radio has a number of predefined stations which you can select from. One of the nice things about having a mobile client is that you have the option to cache stations locally allowing you to play it even when you don’t have any internet connection. Like last.FM, it allows you to like or dislike a song but unlike last.FM, it doesn’t try to introduce new music to you that way. Instead, it just increases the likelihood of you hearing that song again or by blocking it, it removes that song from coming up again on that station. It also gives you the ability to buy music from Amazon. The premium version allows you to skip through songs which is nice to have.

Anyone else have any other recommendations for other music solutions?