pRSSReader – Upgrade 1.4.3

The feature that caught my eye on with this upgrade was the ability to synchronize with Google Reader. As soon as I saw it, I jumped all over the rush to download and install it. As I was in a bit of a rush, I couldn’t find the release notes for this feature readily. After installing it, the feature wasn’t hard to find. Go to Menu –> Options and find the Sync button. Enter in your Google credentials and you’re almost good to go. I did a complete reinstall so I had to go to the Site Manager to add feeds. From the Site Manager screen, you have the ability to synchronize your feed with Google Reader. How cool is that. Once your feed has synched, I clicked on Update All on my channels page and at the status level you could see a message that it is “synching.” I assume that it is synching with Google Reader.

Bookmark integration has also been a critical part of how I read my blogs. It’s nice to be able to bookmark entries for future reference. Lately, I’ve also used the ability to bookmark blogs and share them on Twitter via an RSS feed. pRSSreader allows you to bookmark via delicious but I haven’t been able to do it offline. However, I can still email someone a link but that’s still not quite the same.

pRSSreader provides what I like best in Illiumsoft’s Newsbreak and SPB Insight. Now with Google Reader integration, it is definitely the Windows Mobile RSS Reader to beat. However, without the ability to integrate with an online bookmarking service, I am going to continue to use Newsgator for now. I have to ay that I have very high hopes for pRSSreader. Another major bonus to pRSSreader is that it’s free and it’s also open-sourced.

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