Pentaho Data Integration crashing after El Capitan Update

I recently started to play around with Pentaho again for a side project at work and found that it was crashing whenever I tried to edit the database connection details. After doing a number of searches, I came across this Jira ticket in Pentaho. The gist of it is that El Capitan is not officially supported and causes Data Integration to crash. Fortunately there’s a fix out there that seems to work.

The fix is to replace one of the required files for it to work. To do that,

  1. Download the following patch from Pentaho
  2. Backup the pentaho-xul-swt- that you can find in the lib directory of where you installed Pentaho. In my case, I copied it to the desktop
  3. Rename the downloaded file from step 1 to pentaho-xul-swt-
  4. Copy it to the lib directory of where you installed Pentaho Data Integration app
  5. Restart the Data Integration app