Pebble Watch – An initial impression

Pebble in it’s box


My Pebble journey began last year after reading about it and debating about it’s usefulness in my life, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a Pebble watch by funding the renown Kickstarter project. My primary use case was that I was finding myself in many meetings and it’s generally considered rude to look at your phone during meetings. One downside though was that I ended up being late to more meetings then I would like. After 6 months without an update, I had given up hope on the device and had long forgotten about it.

I was ecstatic when the watch arrived a couple of weeks ago. The box is only contained two things: the watch itself and a charging cable. So I proceeded to plug in the cable and came back to it after a couple of hours. To my chagrin, the watch remained off. A few quick presses of the buttons didn’t do much. Some quick searching on the Pebble site, I found out that I had to press the button for 4 to 6 seconds. Once I could get the watch on, I ran into a few problems connecting to the Pebble service. From what I read, this happens when you have a custom ROM. The workaround is relatively simple and can be found here. Aside from those two problems, setting up the watch was seamless after that.

The Pebble watch is shockingly simple and effective making it an extremely useful device. The Pebble watch looks and feels like a normal watch. It’s primary function is the ability to notify the watch wearer of events such as incoming email, sms, google talk, and phone calls. It also has the ability to control music which is an added benefit. There are some brilliant design decisions that they’ve made that makes absolute sense. At first, I was a bit surprised that the watch doesn’t queue notifications. However, I’ve appreciated that this is a watch and only the last notification is the one that matters. One of the things I look forward to are the apps that will be developed over time. I did dip my watch into the bath tub for a good 10 seconds and the phone works as good as ever.

There are some nice features that I hope to see developed over time. The big one is probably the ability to remotely alert the phone. I haven’t worn a watch in over two decades so I keep removing my watch and consistently misplace it. It’d be nice to have a Lookout equivalent for my watch. Another feature that I’d like to be able to see is the ability to create canned emailed and SMS messages and use them to respond from my watch.

I’ve had the Pebble watch for almost a couple of weeks now and I love it.