New Beginnings

The old is gone. In the past, I’ve been using DotNetNuke and I’ve decided to move to BlogEngine.NET for various reasons. DotNetNuke was great in it’s way; it was rich with a lot of basic features but unfortunately the features never worked to how I would have liked them to be. Towards the end, I was using DotNetNuke mostly as a blogging tool. In the version that I was using, DNN’s Blog module did support categories but did not support tagging. The other feature which I’ve been dying to try was the ability to blog using Flock. It’s one of the key reasons why I started the migration to Flock as my primary browser. Another driving reason, is that over time, I’d like to reduce my dependency on Microsoft tools for the backend in my house. And this is the first step towards that.

On top of technology changes, Friday was also an end of an era for me as I start my new job on Monday as well. I’ve left the Ministry of Health to work on a startup called It’s a real-estate search engine focusing on Canadian Real Estate to begin with. It’s an exciting move for me as it’s the first time in a long while that I’ll be involved in technology projects and hopefully an opportunity to explore and implement some web 2.0 concepts and ideas.