Lockitron Lets You Unlock Your Door With Your Phone


I’m loving this idea for my home because I rarely have my house key with me but I always have my phone. I currently have a Weiser lock that allows you to punch in a code to open the door but there are a few things that bug me about it based on how I use it.

Batteries run out
The only time I have my house keys on me is when I drive otherwise I’m reliant on the ability to come in through the Weiser lock. I remember a number of times when I am essentially praying that there is just enough power to turn the lock. It would have been quite unfortunate if there wasn’t.

Emailing keys to others
Every once in a while, we’d like people to have the ability to enter the house when we’re not home. They can be trades people or friends who need to pick something up. The problem with the Weiser lock is that is that it isn’t easy to change the lock code and as an individual, you have to remember the new lock code.

Web interface
The plus side of this is that it is easy to manage. Web interfaces tend to be more intuitive then remembering a sequence of buttons to press. However, I can see this being difficult to use by people who don’t have smartphones

One thing I’m unclear of is how does it align to other smarthome interfaces. It would be nice to have something that could not only deal with my locks but also with other things I would want to do with regards to making my home smart.