Installing Pentaho Business Analysis Server on Ubuntu

I’ve been experimenting with Pentaho for the past few months to find an easy way to present users with a simple to manage reporting system. The components I’ve been playing with are the Business Analysis Server (Reporting front end), Kettle and Spoon (ETL tool), Reporting Studio and Mondrian (OLAP Server). Here are the install steps that I used to install Pentaho Business Analysis Server on Ubuntu.


  • Install Ubuntu Server (tested with Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit edition)
  • Install Java

Installing the Pentaho Business Analysis Server


  1. Download Pentaho Business Analysis server
    If you’re using a server, you could also do the following:

  2. Install zip if it’s not already on your server
    sudo apt-get install zip
  3. Unzip and move the Pentaho Business Analysis Server to the appropriate folder
    We also create a symbolic link to the application directory to make it easier to upgrade to another version should you need to

    sudo mkdir /opt/pentaho
    sudo mv biserver-ce /opt/pentaho/biserver-ce-5.0.1
    sudo ln -s /opt/pentaho/biserver-ce-5.0.1 /opt/pentaho/biserver-ce
  4. Create pentaho linux user and group
    sudo addgroup pentaho
    sudo adduser --system --ingroup pentaho --disabled-login pentaho
  5. Change owner of the files
    sudo chown -R pentaho:pentaho /opt/pentaho
  6. Start the application server
    sudo -u pentaho /opt/pentaho/biserver-ce/
  7. Check to see if your installation worked properly
    In your browser, go to http://<servername or ip>:8080. It may take a few minutes for your server to start the first time. You can now login with the username of “admin” and password of “password”
  8. Make the application server automatically start on reboot