Important versus Urgent

One of my biggest struggles in life is to constantly evaluate what is important versus what is urgent. This is one of the things that really stood out when I was reading the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People." This is even more important in the days when time and money is quite scarce these days. While it is very exciting to work in a start up, it is also extremely busy where we are working to get us to that tipping point of making Zoocasa a sustainable business.

Unfortunately, most things in life are seemingly urgent. E-mails need to be responded to, questions need to be answered and things need to be built. Every department has their own ideas and needs. Sometimes each department has their own goals which don't align and sometimes even contradict another department's goal. Trying to please everyone or do everything is going to quickly prove unproductive.

Goals and targets are important because they ultimately decide what is important. I often like to say that if everything is important then nothing becomes important. Because it can't be. That would cause the organization to be distracted and often causes quick burn out of resources. One of the things I really like to do in planning is to assign each work item a unique priority. It doesn't mean that the team cannot work on other items first but they recognize what is important. I find it more effective to manage the team this way. I think at the day, one of the key things I try to remember is to focus on the bigger picture and not on the inane details.