Happy New Year

What better way to end the year than to spend New Year's eve in New York? So this is where we are this year. It's our second trip to NYC at this time of the year and New York is still so new to me even after being here four times in five years. We've been lucky so far. The weather was relatively warm for the first few days and today is the only day where we've had real winter weather. A snowy New York is simply beautiful. I will put up pics in the New Year some time.

2008 has been a year of constant changes. I changed roles in early 2008 to be less managerial and go back to be much more technical and eventually leaving the provincial government sector altogether to join a pseudo-start-up called "Zoocasa." The role is interesting in its own way and it's nice to be this close to technology again instead of being at the stratosphere level of design. The fun thing about this role is that its not hard to see the potential as an organization. There is so much opportunity for growth for everyone who is day-to-day on Zoocasa. The big question mark for me is whether we can align ourselves to be independently successful in 2009 and whether or not I can be influential in that change.

The things I am grateful for in 2008

  • Family – Nothing brings you closer to family then a crisis. My mum was diagnosed with uterine cancer this year but has since healed completely. Despite the scare, one of the best things about that was that I got to spend a lot of quality time with my brother during that period which I haven't in years.
  • Friends – I am very blessed to have good friends who often put me to shame with their thoughtfulness and generosity.
  • Last but not least, my wife who continues to be my best friend and supports me through all the ups and downs of life
The things I hope to do in 2009
  • Continue writing blogs consistently
  • Stabilize my home technology infrastructure. I'm hoping to do my final migration to only have physical VM Servers and replace all my other server functions with virtual machines or hardware appliances. Hopefully with this, I can start building applications instead of managing infrastructure
  • Remove my dependency on Microsoft for Server software. I am hoping to go with Open Source products with the majority of my server stuff. I will probably still have to maintain one copy of a server to continue to host this blog.
  • Launch one prototype of some kind. Hopefully this can be used a jump point for my other ideas that I want to build in the future.