Happy 2010

Happy 2010 or specifically, Happy Twenty Ten. Apparently, this is the proper way of calling this year. It IS simpler to say admittedly. 2009 went by really fast but with some major changes in my life both personally and professionally.

Personally, we welcomed David into our lives in late October. I usually don’t talk that much about my personal life on thekunit.com for personal reasons but David is a massive change in my life. It’s really easy to understand why babies are called a “bundle of joy” because they simply are. They love so unconditionally and falling in love with your child is the easiest and most natural thing to do. However, they do require a lot of care but as parents we do it with so much joy because they are that worth it. Since David has been in my life, free time isn’t as readily available and between work and caring for him, there’s very little time for extra-curricular activities.
Professionally, I’ve left Zoocasa for Canpages.ca. I leave Zoocasa with a heavy heart because there are a ton of really good friends I’ve left behind like Saul Colt, Jason Lewin, Angelo Berios, Gerry Power and Tanzeeb Khalili who have all made huge impacts on me personally and professionally but I look forward to the new challenges that come in my new role. Canpages has traditionally been a phone directory publisher but it has designs to be something more. As an example of this, it’s recently purchased start-ups like ZipLocal and Gig Park. Canpages is a relatively unknown company in Ontario but it’s quite renown in the Vancouver area. I’m quite excited to be joining Canpages and look forward to the year that’s ahead of me. 
While I’m not necessarily a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I typically like to set goals for myself. For 2010, here are some of the things that I hope to do.
Blog less and more
I’d like to blog more frequently but probably not as many long blogs. The truth is that I do write a lot but very few blogs make it to the site because they are never in the state of completion in my mind. Given that I no longer have the hour commute to work, my blogging time is reduced greatly. But I still would like to blog as I explore new tools, technologies or thoughts. So I’ll try to shorten my blogs and make them into a series of blogs tied through a topic or tag. I still hope to blog at least 12 times a month. That’s the goal and we’ll see how well I do on that.
Be more present
One of the big differences between my role at Zoocasa and my role in Canpages is that I see more of an opportunity to explore other technology opportunities for Canpages. In my role at Zoocasa, my role was mostly limited to just trying to execute development. While it’ll be my primary role here at Canpages as well, I’ll also be able to try to explore other technologies and potentially form partnership with other organizations as well. I’m quite excited about this. So I’d like to be more present for start-up events. It’s also a great way for me help build the Canpages tech brand which I’m actually quite excited to do.
Be more social
I seem to have shrunk into a corner socially after March of last year. I think it’s time for me to re-engage the social media universe. 
With that, happy 2010 everyone!