Gestures make the Macs oh so much better

One of the reasons why I fell in love with the Macs at Zoocasa was because of the gestures. Frankly I thought the whole concept was gimicky at first never thinking it would be useful outside of mobile devices. After using it for a few weeks, it became a very intuitive way of accessing functions of the Mac. I became so enamored with the idea that I bought the Magic Mouse when it came out. Gestures become an even more powerful tool when you can do custom configurations with it and my favorite tool to do that is Better Touch Tool. Better Touch Tool is great because you can customize both your TouchPad as well as the Magic Mouse. You can also customize gestures globally as well as by application.

Lately, I’ve been doing some customizations and decided that it’d be nice to share it with people who are looking into customizing gestures on their Macs as well. Here are some of my customizations


Magic Mouse

  • Show Spaces –> Three Finger Click
  • Application Expose –> Two Finger Swipe Down
  • Expose –> Two Finger Swipe Up

Touch Pad

  • Launch ScreenSaver –> Five Finger Click

Firefox and Chrome

Magic Mouse

  • Move to the left browser tab –> Two Finger Swipe Left
  • Move to the right browser tab –> Two Finger Swipe Right

Touch Pad

  • Move to the left browser tab –> Three Finger Swipe Left
  • Move to the right browser tab –> Three Finger Swipe Right

Here’s my gestures file for those interested in using it.