Follow Friday – May 22, 2009 (aka the TWEEPS post)

I can’t believe it’s Friday already and it’s time to crank out another Follow Friday post. It’s been a surprisingly busy week and I’ve not had much chance to blog or tweet of late. I’m hoping that Follow Fridays aren’t the only posts I do in May =D. So my theme for this weeks Follow Friday is Tweeps. These are folks that I met on Twitter and have had awesome conversations with. Few I’ve met in person and the rest I’d love to meet with them.

@digital_jenn: @digital_jenn is my original tweep and I’ve yet to meet her which is kind of ironic. I started to follow her as she’s a colleauge/friend of my sister but most importantly, she shared the same passion as I did for Windows Mobile devices. Takes awesome pics from her phone but she’s not as active as she once was.

@trapwire: Not yet met @trapwire but have played on Xbox Live with him. Great guy, very tech savvy. I’d love to meet in person one of these days. Has a great sense of humour, friendly, great heart and great conversationalist.

@thenaomi: Fun and Fabulous. I’ve had the opportunity to meet @thenaomi in real life. Struck a conversation with her as she was doing a position paper on Zoocasa and have continued to maintain a conversation with her. Recent MBA graduate, TRUE geek at heart, vibrant and overall lots of fun.

@jaimewoo: I’ve known about @jaimewoo through a good friend of mine but only met him for the first time through @thenaomi this year. He’s a social blogger about Toronto. I really enjoyed his work on TOin6words and looking to TastingTourTO

@tristanx: I started following @tristanx only a while ago. We share the same passion of technology. He’s a great story teller with hilarious anecdotes. Also another great conversationalist. Would love to meet in person when we get the opportunity.

@skanwar: @skanwar is a real character; he’s another great story teller and is awesome just to observe his constant chatter about life in general. Seems to be always ready for a meet up somewhere. Hopefully one day I’ll get to meet up with him.

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