Commuting and my random gadgetry

I’m commuter and I started this blog post primarily to help me rationalize what’s in my bag as over the months I commute to work, my bag keeps getting heavier daily until I do a purge and begin that cycle again. For myself, I find I get this way when I’m not cognizant of what it is I’m trying to accomplish and loading up a bag with more stuff is always easy until it gets so full where it gets to the breaking point. Like many people, I’m a commuter in multiple aspects:
  • I travel to work daily on local public transit
  • I travel weekly to out of town for day trips and sometimes overnight trips
  • I travel yearly for vacation

For context, here are the list of devices that I currently utilize frequently.
  • Phone (HTC One M8) – This is my communication device when I’m up and about. It’s primarily to respond to IMs when I’m in the office or walking about town
  • Tablet (Nvidia Shield Tablet) – This is used for most of my light daily computing functions and not my phone. I would actually consider this my primary device. My use varies from reading on the subway or in bed, responding to messages, listening to music and watching shows as well as movies when I’m not in front of a TV
  • Lightweight Computer (Macbook Air) – This is my primary daily computing function device. It’s has an i5 processor, maxed out at 8 GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD Hard Drive that allows for about 10 hours of my daily use before completely running out of power. I use this for creating documents, writing code, responding to long-winded emails for work, research as well as extensive planning
  • Internet Computer (Acer C720P Chromebook) – This is my travel computer. It allows me simple things like surfing the web, writing longer emails and ability to ssh to my home servers
I find myself carrying a lot of different accessories to support these devices on the road. However, depending on the type of commuting I’m doing, my needs are slightly different. I’ve essentially broken down my gadgetry into two versions – the daily version and the overnight version