Must Install Android Wear apps

Android Wear apps are generally an extension of a phone app. Here are the list of all the apps that I must have on all my Android Wear devices:


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The Android Wear integration allows me the freedom to move around the house without a phone in my pocket or my tablet on hand. I find it extremely efficient to be able to raise my wrist and say “Ok Google. Take note to …” and have a to-do item generated in my Inbox in Todoist for me to take care of after. It ensures that fewer things are forgotten in between thinking about it and getting to a device to remember to enter that data on hand.

The Wink App

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Wink allows you to create shortcuts that are accessible to your watch. I am consistently forgetting to bring my house keys with me so it’s nice to be able to use Wink to open the door to the house and the garage. The ability to access this functionality from the watch is one less step to pulling up the phone, logging in, finding the app, opening the app, finding the shortcut and clicking it. One thing that can be improved on: don’t sync shortcuts every time the app is launched on the watch. This adds to the time for load which needs to be optimized for user experience

Authenticator Pro

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Authenticator Pro is a third-party 2-factor authenticator app. The app backs up the codes required to a cloud service. Given that I typically wear my watch every where I go, it’s extremely convenient for me to have access to my codes from my watch.


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One of the earliest use case for a smart watch for me was the ability to pay for Starbucks. +Angelo Berios showed it to me on the Pebble and it made sense. Instead of fiddling around with a phone to pay for your coffee, wouldn’t it be nice to just use your watch. Stocard is a simple and typical loyalty card aggregator; it allows you to store your loyalty card number, visualize it in the appropriate barcode format and backs it up on the cloud. I am now able to use multiple loyalty programs on my watch with one app with Stocard. This makes it awesome!
Original list published: June 23, 2015

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