Must-Install Android Apps

Here are the list of all the Android apps that I install on every Android device I own. You can click on the app icon to bring you to the Play Store page of the app




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Todoist is easily the tool that I use the most daily. It helps me keep track and prioritize everything that is important to me. If I’m not going to do it right away, it automatically goes into Todoist otherwise there is a very strong likelihood it would be forgotten. The features I love most about Todoist are Karma, Google Now integration and Android Wear organization.

Google Calendar


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Google Calendar is the complement of Todoist in my productivity toolset. If something isn’t in my calendar, there is 0 chance of me getting to it. Even (or rather especially) friends and family know to put things in my calendar if they want me to pay attention to it. Although there are many other solid calendar options like Sunrise, I find that Google Calendar is great at what it does. It’s natively integrated to my Android device as well as Google Apps which is where currently all of my calendaring information resides



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I’ve used Evernote what feels like forever. Evernote is the “everything else” tool in my productivity toolset. I use it to organize and capture any thoughts that I’d like to expand on. I love the fact that it’s ubiquitous and is easily accessible every device I own. One of my favourite features of late with Evernote on Android is the handwriting capability. It’s been awesome to be able to draw out ideas instead of trying to articulate it with words. It’s something that I could do on my Windows Tablet previously but something that I’ve only recently been able to do on both my Galaxy Note 8 as well as my Nvidia Shield tablet



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I’ve classified Inbox as a productivity tool because of the way I use it. The UI of Inbox allows me to actively manage everything that’s coming in and clear things out as quickly as possible. The end result is constant Inbox Zero without arbitrarily declaring email bankruptcy every few months.

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