IaaS and PaaS providers I use


Here are the list of PaaS/IaaS providers that I use for my various fun projects:
Linode is an affordable version of Rackspace without the “fanatical” support option and all the other additional options like Database as a Service, Cloud Block Storage among other very nice things to have. However, Linode does have a Load Balancer service which is great
Digital Ocean used to be my go-to place to launch instances. They’re affordable and relatively mature. They also have a ton of very helpful blogs.
Vultr is currently my favourite place to host my stuff in the cloud. It is rather affordable and it allows you to download ISO images that isn’t part of it’s standard options. This allows me to upload specialized flavours of Ubuntu and even FreeBSD out of the box
Heroku is my de facto place to install my Rails apps. I love the fact that it’s a simple git deploy to install apps and it’s insanely easy to add on external features through their massive add-on marketplace. They’ve recently changed their pricing policy to reduce how their free tier works which is disappointing. However a workable tier only costs around $7 a month.
Amazon continues to add a lot of great and useful services to their portfolio. They’re a great hybrid between an IaaS and PaaS. It’s no wonder they are a $17B business. I primarily use Amazon for their non computing services such as S3 and CloudFront
Honorable Mentions:
Rackspace provides AMAZING support services but is more costly than the rest of the IaaS services that I use. Given that most of projects are still in the fun stage, support isn’t something that I use. I’d recommend Backspace to anyone who has very customized solutions and don’t want to focus on infrastructure support. If this is the case, Rackspace is an amazingly affordable solution
Google App Engine
Google continues to mature their offering to be competitive with Amazon at affordable rates. They also have a really long list of certifications surrounding data security making them a rather impressive choice for enterprises
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft is investing heavily into their cloud platform and it’s allowed them to highlight some of the really amazing technologies they’ve always had such as their Data Services.

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