Starter Resources

Here is my list of Rails Starter resources that I used to help me get started on Ruby on Rails. Hopefully others will find it useful as they start their journey as well. Please feel free to comment or offer more suggestions.

Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial – this is my defacto standard of learning Ruby on Rails. It doesn’t only cover the Rails framework, the ruby language but also important developer hygiene such as Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development and Twitter Bootstrap. These are all essentials on starting a web application. It also uses Twitter as the application you’re developing to so it’s a familiar paradigm.

Daniel Kehoe’s Rails App – there are some really specific examples of very useful use cases such as integrating Bootstrap and Devise with your original app. It also gives you access to the RailsComposer app which is an easy way to quickly start your app. This is a paid resource for $19 a month. This will give you access to the “Learn Ruby on Rails” book. Really worth while especially in the early stages of learning Rails

Andrew Cockerham’s How I Learned Rails – Found this recently and it was pretty interesting to see that many of my stumbling blocks would have been resolved if I came here ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s pragmatic and it’s a good read

Ryan Bates’ Railscast – Great list of video tutorials. The more recent and advanced tutorials are available for $9 a month. Ryan is on hiatus right now so you only pay $9 for the first month and it’s extended until he gets back. Still a very valuable resource

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