Setting up SSH Forwarding on OS X

SSH Forwarding is turned off by default in OS X Maverick and Yosemite. Here are the steps to quickly setup and configure other servers to accept your ssh key

  1. Setting SSH Forwarding on OS X
    • Edit the /etc/ssh_config file
      sublime /etc/ssh_config
    • Look for the ForwardAgent line. By default it’ll look like this
      #   ForwardAgent no
      Modify it to
      ForwardAgent yes
    • Save the file. OS X is now configured to forward your SSH Keys
    • For extra security, you could modify your Host configuration from
      Host *
      <ip address of server you want to enable forwarding for>
  2. Create and enable your own SSH keys if you haven’t yet
  3. Set up ssh-copy-id
    • Install ssh-copy-id via HomeBrew
      brew install ssh-copy-id
    • Run ssh-copy-id to the server you want to copy your ssh-key to. This assumes you already have an existing login to the server you need to access
      ssh-copy-id <username>@<server ip or server name>
  4. You should now be able to SSH to the server without using your username and password but rather your SSH Key going forward. To do that, you type the following:
    ssh -A <username>@server ip or server name>

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