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OS X Boot Sequence

Command keys that can be used on boot up of a Mac


HomeBrew is a great package manager for OS X. For more details, go to their site located here.

 Alfred App

An alternative launcher for Spotlight

Sequence of execution for profile scripts

Reference: The Geek Stuff

  1. /etc/profile
  2. ~/.bash_profile
  3. ~/.bashrc
  4. ~/.bash_login
  5. ~/.profile
  6. ~/.bash_logout

This is particular useful when troubleshooting how the $PATH is structured

Generating a SSH RSA key for your Mac

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “[email protected]

Modifying your hostname permanently

There are two ways to modify your hostname for your Mac.

Simple method

This actually changes your machine name and your hostname will be <machine-name>.local

Go to System Preferences –> Sharing

Replace the Computer Name with the machine name you want

Hostname method

From the terminal, type

sudo scutil --set HostName larryx.local

Setup SSH Forwarding

SSH Forwarding is a really safe way for you to ssh to another server and then use your key to then access another server.

Making an ISO Image to boot from a USB drive

Get a list of drives on your computer

diskutil list

Unmount the appropriate drive

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/install the ISO Image on>

Copy file to the drive you want to mount the isoimage on

dd if=<path of ISO Image> of=<path of your USB Drive>

Removing Java from OS X / MacOS

Removing Java from OS X is a bit of a beast. Found myself hunting and pecking to figure out what needed to be done. I’ve created the above link to make life a bit easier.

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