Catching up with photos from New York City in December

As I was preparing for my snowboarding trip to Colorado, I decided that I should take the time to post some of my photos from my New York City trip. A group of our closest friends take approximately trip a year together and New York has been the place of choice for us. The earliest trip included 5 of us staying in a "family" suite – those were the days. Today we stay in separate hotels but the last night were spent together in our hotel room with 3 of people sprawled on the floor. Those were the good old days. This trip was mostly about food – expensive and Japanese ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the trip. For the rest, please click through my New York City 200812 set on Flickr.

DKNY by you.
DKNY! There's something about Manhattan and advertising/branding

DSC_0050 by you.
Underneath the Brooklyn Bridge looking towards Manhattan. I love the stillness of the water during the long exposure shots.

DSC_0118 by you.
Kate Winslet – Celebrity sighting locally

Joe Ades in Action by you.
Joe Addes, A Local Celebrity – Passed away recently. May You Rest In Peace

DSC_0180 by you.
Lanterns in the restaurant. I really like how the colours were reflected.