Being a Technology Have Not

you've been following me on Twitter, you'd know that I've been
anxiously looking for an HTC Touch Pro. One of the lessons I learned
from buying my Tilt or Tytn II was to wait for the AT & T version
because it would inadvertently be cheaper than to buy a natively
unlocked HTC version. In my case, waiting the extra 2 weeks would have
saved me almost $500.

My favourite source for buying phones is
using Howard Forums but the process is tedious to say the least. First
I have to constantly locate the device that I want. Then starts the
tedious process of communicating back and forth until the right deal
comes about. While I'm not particularly price sensitive, $1000 is a bit
ridiculous to pay for a phone.

One frustrating thing about
mobile technology in Canada is that we don't really have a tonne of
variety in Canada through our provider. So often, a phone is available
only on my provider or another. Very rarely will you find a phone on
all providers at the same time. Sometimes, like my Tytn II, it doesn't
come at all. In it's time, this was considered the King of Windows
Mobile Smartphones. Today it is the Touch Pro. Yet I cannot get it
through a GSM provider. It is actually quite disappointing.

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