All Done!

I've always wanted to get my basement done but could never really come to a final decision on what to do with it. Almost after half a year of debate, a design was decided on and a vendor was chosen. The final design was relatively simple. Outside of just covering up the furnace area, we also decided to move the entrance door of the basement and move the location of our washer and dryer.

We opted to go with a company called Owens Corning Basement who has their own Basement Finishing System. Owens Corning is the same company which makes the insulation commonly known as the Pink Panther. We chose them really for a variety of reasons. One was that I really liked the material and the second was that they were structured where a build manager would be assigned to us to take care of all of our building needs.
I didn't regret the choice of building material but it was expensive. The end result was a phenomenal basement. The journey to get us there was definitely less than satisfying. First, we ended up managing a lot of the tasks and co-ordination of work which we expected our build manager to do. The downside is that Owens Corning does not install flooring unless it's their own carpeting system. We wanted to use up the remaining bamboo floors that we had bought earlier. Installing the floors turned out to be harder as the job we wanted to do was relatively small for most contractors to do. Once the basement was complete, getting warranty work was very slow.
That being said though, the workmanship of the basement was quite good. We would definitely recommend our installer which was a subcontractor to Owens Corning.

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