Alright, I've got to admit that this post is a bit of a filler post because I haven't had much time to focus on other thoughts I've had in a while. Besides, at some point, I should put together what this blog is about.

The Blog
The purpose of the blog is simple. It's a journal of sorts; it records my journey of trying to make my life easier whether it be through the purchase of hardware, software, services or the culmination thereof. Along the way, I'd like to share my opinions and observations all the while hoping to generate some conversation along the way.

This is a philosophical question that is always impossible to answer :D. For the purpose of this blog, I am just a guy who:

  • loves tech. My friends always tease me that I get distracted by new and shiny things.
  • loves to share because I hope that by me sharing others would reciprocate
  • loves to find innovative ways to solve inefficiencies in my own life so I'm constantly exploring new things to try to fix those things
  • doesn't claim to be an expert on anything. I tend to think that I observe and form opinions of them. Hopefully by publishing my own thoughts, people can steer and educate me.