2016: A Retrospective

This year is slightly different from previous years as I’m actually taking time off and I was able to get a head start on reflecting on the year that went by. 2016 was definitely an eventful year considering the following:

  • Passing of may well known celebrities like Prince, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Carrie Fisher just to name a few
  • Great Britain leaving the EU resulting in David Cameron to leave office
  • Donald Trump elected as the President of the United States of America
  • Number of reported shootings of both police and civilian population

Despite all that, the retrospective is meant for me to reflect on my own journey.

Year in Summary

Joining WE

I made a really tough decision to leave Kinetic Café to join an organization called WE at the end of June this year. The move was even a surprise for me as it was never in any of my life plans to work for a non-profit. However, the decision to make the move was a culmination of the fact that WE isn’t a typical non-profit and the juncture of where I was in my life. Given all the events that have been going on, this is my way of helping to make an impact on the world around me using my talents.

6 months in and I’m still loving it!

Launching Stuff

After many years and iteration of working on an idea, we finally launched Stuff in 2016. It’s been named many things but we eventually ended up with the Stuff because as a team, we’d work on “stuff” every week to keep moving forward. The product is in its infancy. We used Stuff as an opportunity to explore a number of different technologies that we were interested in. However, with it’s launch, we see lots of potential for it among our friends. The best part of the journey was the learning, laughter, food and wine among people I trust and like very much.


I had a fall off my bike in November which was rather scary. The fall resulted in a lot of damage to my left hand but also a concussion where I lost my memory for about 8 hours. My memory is recovered but I still suffer from bouts of tiredness and irritability from time to time. The one thing that my accident taught me is the value of family and friendship.

Other reflections

  • I didn’t write nearly as much in 2016 in comparison to 2015. This stemmed from me no longer commuting on the train for half the year
  • I worked around reading by using Blinkist. Blinkist is a great service that summarizes many popular books into 15 minute reads or so. Blinkist allows me to fit in my fill of the daily news as well as a topic of interest in my morning drive to the office
  • I did end up exercising a bit more this year. I did the 75 KM ride  at the Ride for Heart this year and finding a few friends who would ride the shorter distances with me.
  • WE has more structured support which makes work life at WE busier but less consuming.

My goals for 2017

In general, I’d like to be more purposeful about how I invest my time this year whether it’d be around my family, my work or myself.

Keep Doing

  • Keep coding. I’ve had a blast this year doing it and am finally seeing the results of my learning
  • Keep “reading.” Blinkist is a great alternative to get summarized learning. I’d like to extend that to listening to full books as well.

Stop Doing

  • Being distracted about the little things that don’t move my goals forward. There are lots of little things that break me out of my routine that inadvertently creates a havoc on my schedule and plans

Start Doing

  • Focus on my health more seriously. Given the change of my sleeping habits, it’s an opportunity to work out in the morning which is where it’s optimal for my health. Specifically, I’d like to be doing something at least one day a week on average.
  • Planning more consistently. I’ve always had a routine for personal planning and started planning as a family. However, I’m not as consistent as I should be.
  • Get real hands-on experience with either Machine Learning or Big Data
  • Write 24 blogs or pages this year about anything!

Happy 2017!