2015: A Retrospective

This post is long over due. Another year has come and gone already and as per tradition, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the year that has gone by.
Year in Summary
My 2015 was a year that was mostly consumed by my work at Kinetic Cafe. At the end of 2015, I was able to launch the first commercially ready version of the Kinetic Commerce Platform. The best manifestation of the platform is the launch of ALDO’s mobile app as well as a number of in-store touch points that leverages the platform that was built. The platform was used to launch the app in both Canada and the US and did well with Black Friday as well as Boxing Day traffic on the system. We also launched a second client which is focused more on the malls. While it is a smaller launch in itself, it does represent a whole other use leveraging the same platform

This, however, did detract from a number of my personal goals that I had set out last year.
  • I started reading a number of books
    I picked up the Phoenix Project, Isaac Waterson’s biography of Steve Jobs, Zero to One and …. but I really only finished the Phoenix Project. Also, I didn’t even start on any fictional books.
  • I started working out late in the year. I rode my bike three times last year which was three times more than I did the previous year and I started to do the 7 minute working out frequently for only two weeks
  • I definitely did not blog as much as I did the previous year. I ended the year with 13 blogs and 11 pages
  • I did limit the number of projects that I would be working on but that was also partially due to the lack of time I had. Despite the lack of time, I definitely was more focused on my coding and was able to pick up a lot more code and I’m happy with progress. One of my primary focus was on a project we nicknamed Places and Things – it was to be a combination of Yelp and Red Flag Deals. We did launch a very simple version of the Yelp thing but quickly realized that sourcing relevant information would take too much time to ramp up. Instead, I decided to think a bit more about my shopping idea which will be a new and improved version of the Shop With Me project that started almost 4 years ago now
So this brings me back to 2016
Keep Doing
  • Keep coding – In 2015, I really started to find my feet again when it came to core development. I was able to start a few projects on my own and deliver a few phases.
  • Keep writing – Writing continues to be a good way to self-reflect as well as being consumed by work. It forces me to articulate my thoughts and remind myself of the things that I’m most passionate about
Stop Doing
  • Stop allowing work to be consuming – This is likely the one goal that I failed miserably at last year. I do enjoy what I’m doing but sometimes I let it define who I am. I have to do a better job at spending more time with my family and more importantly, be able to keep growing myself about the things I’m passionate about
Start Doing
  • Start being more healthy – As I’m getting older, my health goal needs to expand to just more than working out. I intend to sleep more than 7 hours a night on average and also work out at least 3 times a week.
  • Start reading more – In 2015, I started to read again. However, I do have to keep at it. I think a part of it is to find a system that will work for me. I want to complete reading at least 4 books this year regardless of genre
  • Launch one personal project and keep it running for at least 3 months
Happy 2016!