MIUI.us ROM – A quick review of another Android ROM

While I’ve always been partial to CyanogenMod ROMs for my device (it’s the de facto standard for Android ROMs), I’ve had a bit of issues with it on my HTC Desire Z starting a few weeks ago. For whatever reason, the marketplace just kept force closing every time I opened the app. Even the install of a third-party app like AppBrain didn’t help me a lot. I tried every trick I know about known issues such as fixing permissions to all the apps and wiping everything including the local cache and the Davlik cache but to no avail. The nice thing about ROM Manager is that it gives you all the ROMs that are available for your device, when it was last updated and how many installed it.

Sample Theme from MIUI

The MIUI ROM is better in that I can actually download apps from the Android Marketplace 😀 It runs Android 2.3.5 and is a lot prettier then Cyanogen – the lines are a lot cleaner. The “native” apps for MIUI are also more refined than the apps that came with Cyanogen. For a quick list of what they are, you can take a look at them at the Core Features section of the MIUI site itself. More features are listed in the For Advanced Users section. My main pet peeve against the MIUI ROM is that every app downloaded is put directly on the screen and not in an app drawer like typical Android. It’s mildly frustrating because that is the one of the things I don’t like about iOS. My general impression leans towards being a bit slower but more stable than Cyanogen.