Getting my ‘mo on

This year, the charity of choice for me is the Movember Foundation and the cause is the fight for prostate cancer. This is an event that is particularly close to my heart as I lost my maternal grandfather to prostate cancer when I was in my early 20’s. The memories are still vivid in my mind as I saw my grandfather change from a vibrant and colourful person and into a person I barely recognize. I remember the few nights I stayed with him as he was getting sicker and my mum had to work.

As much as it is about my grandfather, it’s also about me. There are the main factors for prostrate cancer: family history, race and age. Fortunately, in previous studies shown, prostate cancer seemed to be less prevalent with Asian males as opposed to either caucasian or black males. Unfortunately, As I previously mentioned, my grandfather died of prostate cancer and the reality is that I will get old. As much as its about me, its also about you, whether you are a man or woman. One in seven males are likely to contract prostate cancer and one in 27 will pass away from it.

Please donate to me or my brethren as we try to raise money for a worthy cause. Here’s another great thing about – it strives to be a good corporate citizen. There is constant effort to do the right thing whether it be being environmentally green or championing charity events. Often times, these events start at the grassroot level and then take on a life of its own.